Mixed Packed Large Spheroids

Mixed Packed Large Spheroids


Mixed pack for making large spheroids either 35 or 81 large spheroids at a time for 24 well or 12 well plates, respectively. Mixed pack of six autoclavable precision micro-molds to cast 3D Petri Dish® for forming different numbers of large spheroids.

Contains 3 x Z764051 micro-molds for making 35 large spheroids for use in 24 well plates and 3 x Z764019 micro-molds for making 81 large spheroids for use in 12 well plates.

Perfect for determining how many large spheroids you need.

When the gelled agarose is removed from the micro-mold, it is transferred to a standard 12 well or 24 well tissue culture dish and equilibrated with cell culture medium.

Since the agarose is transparent, the spheroids or microtissues that form at the bottom of each agarose micro-well can be easily viewed using a standard inverted microscope using phase contrast, bright field or fluorescence microscopy.

• The micro-molds are reusable up to 12 times and can be sterilized via a standard steam autoclave (30 min, dry cycle)
• The micro-molds should be stored in a covered container to maintain sterility and to avoid collecting dust or fibres on their small features.
• Any microscope with sufficient magnification and resolution functions for cell based views or images will be suitable for use with the 3D Petri Dish® products.(6 micro-molds per pack)(fits 12 well and 24 well plates)

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