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Microtissues, Inc.

MicroTissues Inc. is a privately held company advancing technologies and applications of 3D cell culture. The company’s products stand above the rest because they are designed to create more natural and more reliable 3D cell culture environments based on cell-to-cell interactions in convenient and consistent formats that generate high content information. The company’s lead line of products, the 3D Petri Dish®, is serving the needs of researchers in a wide range of areas including cancer research, stem cell biology, toxicity testing, developmental biology, drug discovery, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. In addition to products for basic research, MicroTissues Inc. is using its platform technology to pursue applications in drug discovery and cell therapy.

3D Petri Dish®

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Leading Universities and Research Facilities Rely on the 3D Petri Dish

3D Petri Dish®

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The 3D Cell Culture Technology

The 3D Petri Dish® is the natural 3D cell culture environment that is scaffold-free and that maximizes cell-to-cell interactions.


Useful for spheroids, mammospheres, gliomaspheres, hepatospheres, chondrospheres, osteospheres, cell aggregates, neurospheres, cardiospheres, embryoid bodies and myoballs, we sell you the micro-molds to cast your own 3D Petri Dish® out of agarose and these gels fit in standard 12 and 24 well dishes. The micro-molds are autoclavable and reusable, so you save thousands of dollars on your 3D cell culture experiments. You also realize significant new technological advantages:

  • Make hundreds of spheroids of uniform size in a single pipeting step.
  • Control spheroid size.
  • Image an array of spheroids on the same optical plane.
  • Form spheroids of two different cell types.
  • Grow spheroids from single cell clones.
  • Harvest spheroids for RT-PCR and Western Blots without enzymes.
  • Form microtissues in complex shapes for novel applications.

Cells seeded on the 3D Petri Dish® used for 3D Cell Culture

When cells are seeded onto the 3D Petri Dish®, cell-to-cell adhesion drives the self assembly of the 3D microtissue, typically in 1-2 days. No synthetic scaffold to alter cell physiology, no variability due to ill defined gels, no animal products. 3D cell culture in a format suitable for high content microscopy that has worked with over twenty different cell types both primary cells and cell lines.