The 3D Cell Culture Technology

The 3D Petri Dish® is the natural 3D cell culture environment that is scaffold-free and that maximizes cell-to-cell interactions.


Useful for spheroids, mammospheres, gliomaspheres, hepatospheres, chondrospheres, osteospheres, cell aggregates, neurospheres, cardiospheres, embryoid bodies and myoballs, we sell you the micro-molds to cast your own 3D Petri Dish® out of agarose and these gels fit in standard 12 and 24 well dishes. The micro-molds are autoclavable and reusable, so you save thousands of dollars on your 3D cell culture experiments. You also realize significant new technological advantages:

  • Make hundreds of spheroids of uniform size in a single pipeting step.
  • Control spheroid size.
  • Image an array of spheroids on the same optical plane.
  • Form spheroids of two different cell types.
  • Grow spheroids from single cell clones.
  • Harvest spheroids for RT-PCR and Western Blots without enzymes.
  • Form microtissues in complex shapes for novel applications.

Cells seeded on the 3D Petri Dish® used for 3D Cell Culture

When cells are seeded onto the 3D Petri Dish®, cell-to-cell adhesion drives the self assembly of the 3D microtissue, typically in 1-2 days. No synthetic scaffold to alter cell physiology, no variability due to ill defined gels, no animal products. 3D cell culture in a format suitable for high content microscopy that has worked with over twenty different cell types both primary cells and cell lines.