24-35 - Large Spheroids

The 3D Petri Dish® cast from this precision micro-mold has 35 circular recesses (5 x 7 array) and is used to self-assemble 3D microtissues in the shape of a spheroid. The nominal dimensions of one of these recesses when formed in the 3D Petri Dish® are; diameter: 800μm and depth: 800μm. The single large cell seeding chamber above these 35 recesses holds a volume of 75μl. This 3D Petri Dish® fits into a standard 24 well tissue culture plate.

3D Cell Culture Applications:

Multi-cellular tumor spheroids, neurospheres, mammospheres, hepatospheres, myoballs, chondrospheres, osteospheres, cardiospheres, gliospheres, mixed cell microtissues, embryoid bodies, mesenchymal stem cells, cell cloning, high content microscopy, toxicity testing.

3D Petri Dish Protocol